Relaxation of Age Limit for Meritorious Sportsperson

Relaxation of upper age limit to meritorious sportsperson recruited under Sports Quota

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan,Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110001

Dated: 1st Feb, 2023

All Chief Postmasters General

Subject: Relaxation of upper age limit to meritorious sportsperson recruited under Sports Quota- clarification.


I am directed to refer to the subject mentioned above and DoP&T OM No. 14034/01/2013-Estt (D) dated 03.10.2013 regarding instructions issued for providing incentives to sportspersons. In this connection, vide letter number 17-07/2017-SPN-I dated 24.08.2021, clarifications were issued regarding recruitment of meritorious sportspersons. SI.No. (1) of Para 2 of the said letter states that age relaxation in case of candidates belonging to OBCs shall be applicable as per DoP&T OM No. 43013/2/95-Estt (SCT) dated 25.01.1995.

  1. The matter was examined in detail and it was decided by the Competent Authority to obtain the advice of DoP&T in the matter. DoP&T has advised as under:-

“It was already clarified vide I.D. Note dated 18.10.2022 that all categories of candidates applying for the post in Group ‘C’ earmarked to be filled by meritorious sportsperson, in terms of DoP&T’s guidelines dated 03.10.2013, are eligible for age relaxation of upto 5 years and that if the candidate happens to belong to SC/ST category, the age relaxation allowed is upto 10 years. It is further stated that no additional age relaxation is allowed to such candidate.”

  1. In view of above, relaxation in upper age limit upto a maximum of 5 years is allowed to Meritorious Sportspersons for the purpose of appointment to post in Group ‘C’ and additional age relaxation is allowed only to candidates belonging to SC/ST category. Accordingly, 10 years of age relaxation is allowed to candidates of SC/ST only.
  2. SI.No. (i) of Para 2 of letter 17-07/2017-SPN-I dated 24.08.2021 stands annulled. Past cases already decided as per the aforesaid letter dated 24.08.2021 shall not be reopened.

Yours faithfully,

(Dileep Singh Sengar)
Assistant Director General (SPN)

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