Central Govt Employees Rejoice: Union Cabinet Approved 4% DA Hike from July 2023

Latest DA News : Union Cabinet Approved 4% DA Hike from July 2023 to All Central Govt Staffs and Pensioners

Today, the Union cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, has given its approval for releasing an additional instalment of Dearness Allowance (DA) from July 2023. This decision will enhance the DA from 42% to 46% for all central Government Employees and provide Dearness Relief to Pensioners with effect from 1.7.2023

As a result of this increase, 48.67 Lakh Central Government Employees and 67.95 Lakh Pensioners will be benefitted.

The Dearness Allowance is calculated based on the All India Consumer Price Index, which measures the changes in the cost of living and inflation rates. This adjustment in DA is essential to ensure that the salaries and pensions of government employees keep up with the rising cost of goods and services.

Cabinet Approved 4% DA Hike from July 2023

The Cabinet approval of the 4% DA hike from July 2023 is a significant step towards fulfilling the government’s commitment to the welfare of its employees. It will help them cope with the increasing expenses and maintain their standard of living.

Additional DA from July 2023

The additional DA will be beneficial not only for the central government employees but also for the overall economy. As the employees’ purchasing power increases, it will stimulate consumer demand and contribute to economic growth.

This decision reflects the government’s recognition of the hard work and dedication of its employees. The central government employees play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of various government departments and agencies. This DA hike is a token of appreciation for their efforts and will boost their morale.

Want to Know the 3 Months DA Arrears from July 2023 : Arrears Calculator Here

Latest DA News : 46% Dearness Relief for Pensioners from July 2023

The Dearness Relief provided to pensioners is equally important. It ensures that retired government employees can meet their daily expenses and maintain a decent standard of living. The 4% increase in Dearness Relief will provide them with the necessary financial support and help them lead a comfortable life.

The government’s decision to base the DA calculation on the All India Consumer Price Index is a fair and transparent method. It takes into account the changing economic conditions and ensures that the DA accurately reflects the cost of living.

The 4% DA hike is a welcome development for the central government employees and pensioners. It will provide them with some relief in these challenging times and help them manage their finances better. The government’s focus on the welfare of its employees is commendable and deserves appreciation.

Cabinet Approval for 4% DA hike – Official PIB News

Cabinet approves release of an additional instalment of Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief due from 01.07.2023

48.67 lakh Central Government Employees and 67.95 lakh pensioners to benefit

Posted On: 18 OCT 2023 3:24PM by PIB Delhi

The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has approved to release an additional instalment of Dearness Allowance (DA) to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief (DR) to pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.2023 representing an increase of 4% over the existing rate of 42% of the Basic Pay/Pension, to compensate against price rise. This increase is in accordance with the accepted formula, which is based on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission.

The combined impact on the exchequer on account of both Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief would be Rs.12,857 crore per annum. This will benefit about 48.67 lakh Central Government employees and 67.95 lakh pensioners. Source : PIB News

What is the current rate of DA

The current rate of DA paid to central Government employees is 46% with effect from 1.7.2023

What will be the DA rate from July 2023

After the Cabinet approval the rate of DA from July 2023 will be 46%

Will the arrears for July ,August and September 2023 be paid?

Yes. As DA rate will be increased from 1st July 2023, DA arrears for 3 months will be paid. Calculate Arrears

Rate of DA from 2016

Effect fromRate of DAEffect fromRate of DA
01.01.2016001.01.202117% (Freeze)+4%
01.01.20174%01.01.2022 34%
01.01.20187%01.01.2023 42%
01.07.20189%01.07.2023 46 %
01.01.201912%01.01.2024 Calculate
01.01.202017% (Freeze)+4%01.01.2025 
01.07.202017% (Freeze)+3%01.07.2025 

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